Which is the smarter investment – Physical gold … Or a gold company with nearly guaranteed upside potential … (The answer may surprise you!)



Few words, in any language, excites the greedy part of the brain like “Gold.” Humans have coveted, hoarded and even battled for GOLD for over 6,000 years!

And today it’s no less popular and worshipped than it was then. Consider this …

“Commodities such as gold and silver have a world market that transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race. A person may not like someone else’s religion, but he’ll accept his gold”

– Famed wealth-building author Robert Kiyosaki

The bottom line is: Everyone wants gold. And few people have enough of it to really satisfy them. This hunger for more – or any at all — is what has kept the gold market healthy and popular as an investment for hundreds of years. No other metal, not even second place silver, comes close to competing with the allure of pure gold.

It’s the ultimate portfolio holding. A sure sign of ultra wealth. But for many people, a substantial gold-rich portfolio seems too far out of reach. Or maybe doesn’t make sense in today’s fast-paced, instant-profit crypto world.

The good news is, there’s more than one way to make your fortune in gold – even without ever holding a single ounce of it in your safe deposit box.

Doing this means finding opportunities to capitalize on the larger gold industry, and not just gold itself.

Which means getting up to speed on the hottest gold-rich spots on earth, and the publically traded companies that operate there.

And when it comes to gold-rich hot spots, Canada got more than its share. In 9 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, including the famed, gold-laden Yukon territory, gold is the highest-valued commodity produced. It’s literally everywhere.

Yes, vast amounts of Canadian wilderness are scattered with nearly incalculable masses of gold-rich dirt. It’s in deep, remote, concentrated pockets heaped up by ancient glaciers. And it’s sprinkled in with dirt that has been sitting in place for thousands of years waiting to be extracted.

And to do that, there are hundreds of companies involved in this process … From miners to fuel and equipment suppliers, to expert drillers and surveyors, to land acquisition and holding companies, and many more.

But one important thing to understand is that some of these companies simply support companies that find gold. And, some of these companies that help find gold are publically traded– and share in the profits when it comes out of the ground.

And that’s the precise spot where vast investor opportunity lies in gold.

Which brings us to Straightup Resources Inc. (CSE: ST – OTC: STUPF) … A public company in the mineral exploration industry and acquisition of mineral-rich property in North America.

Straightup Resource’s primary goal in Canada is to locate and develop high-value, precious and base metal mining properties, and to use their refined ground data to create an extraction program for their contracted projects.

In short, they partner/contract with landowners of known, mineral-rich land tracts in Canada, to help them find precise, metal-rich veins and tracts on the property, verify data with ground tests and extract the gold, copper, silver, and other minerals on their partnered claims.

Straightup Resources is a relatively new company with exciting new projects in play that are expected to pay out in a very big way for everyone involved – including private individual investors.

Regarding interested individual investors – Straightup Resources is currently trading at a mere .25 cents a share. And with 4 new claim projects getting underway, they will undoubtedly enjoy a meteoric rise in share price, that mirrors another company that does the same exact thing, in the same exact place.

But before revealing the proof-by-proximity of coming profits for Straightup Resources, it’s important to understand that …

Gold has been the hottest commodity, and the universal, global standard of stable power and wealth for thousands of years.

Since its discovery, GOLD has been prized and highly valued by all. It’s truly the only resource of its kind. Nothing compares – no commodity, liquid or solid, or even any other metal. It is both a sign of power and wealth for those fortunate to possess it.

Hence, the Golden Rule: Whoever has the gold, makes the rules!

That’s why, in modern times, since gold values have been tracked and recorded, gold has steadily climbed in value. A hundred years ago, in 192l, gold was valued at $283 an ounce. Today it’s at $1,794, with a re- cent high around $1,900. And this is with only 2 major drops over the last 100 years, in 1970 and 2001.

The short and long story is — Gold has shown to keep its emotional appeal and price value in order to climb steadily over time.

Which also means, if you want to invest on the cheap, it’s too late to get a great deal on gold. And going back in time to pay less for gold is not an option. Plus, since major drops are few and far between … it’s unlikely to plunge anywhere near historic lows any time soon.

In fact, historically, when financial crisis hit the U.S. or even the world, gold soars even higher. Which is when most people don’t feel like spending money.

So if you want to invest in a faster, money-making gold play … Consider this … What if you could get a significant piece of always-rising gold riches for as little as .25 cents — with a smart end-around move that could prove even more valuable than gold itself, in record time?

Yes, what if you could own part of a SOURCE of pure gold. A source that owns the gold-rich ground, and likely has more gold than even the wealthiest of people don’t normally possess.

It’s this big picture gold investment idea that has caused investors to start pouring money into precious metal-related investments such Straightup Resources Inc. – which is poised for a huge upside share price swing.

Because what’s BETTER than investing in gold itself? Investing in promising, gold-related companies at dirt-cheap, rock–bottom prices, and leveraging the potential of gold mining company stocks.

With so many negative forces acting on our economy today … fear, uncertainty, pandemics, politics, and massive government spending … there’s only one place the price of forever-stable gold can go — up. Which will also take the profits of gold companies along with it.

That’s why multibillionaire investor Warren Buffett, who has typically avoided adding gold or gold stocks to his portfolio, has seen the light, as his firm, Berkshire Hathaway, recently invested $500 million in Barrick Gold.

And he’s not the only one — The Quadrigo Igneo hedge fund put gold at the top of their list with a $450 million investment in gold companies.

And there are even more.

But what’s important to note is … They are not investing in bars of gold or gold coins. Instead, they’re stepping back to invest in the source of the gold — where far bigger and faster profits can be had.

Because even though the rise of gold prices over the last 100 years has been steady, the rise has also been slow. But with gold prices on a meteoric-like run recently, and flirting with $2,000 an ounce – ANY investment in anything gold-related is almost certain to rise.

But it’s lower-price, junior mining company stocks like Straightup Resources Inc. (CSE: ST – OTC: STUPF) that have the most upside potential to turn an ordinary investor into a millionaire in the shortest amount of time.

The quick and important story of Great Bear Resources …

As stated, Straightup Resources’s primary objective is to locate, test for, and develop precious and base metals on their properties, located within the Red Lake Greenstone Belt of Northwestern Ontario.

Their focused properties cover an area of almost 50,000 acres surrounding what’s called the Sobel property, a large tract of land owned by a company called Great Bear Resources.

This is very important for investors to know. Here’s why …

Just two short years ago, Great Bear — an almost identical company to Straightup Resources — was trading at approximately .50 cents/share.

With its mining success in that same area, it has since experienced over 38 times their .50 cent share price appreciation and more than 76 times over 3 years.

Like Straightup Resources, their leadership has a strong track record of looking at the big geological picture – In this case, the Red Lake District — and predicting, based on hard data and analysis, where huge deposits of gold are.

In 2019, Great Bear even rushed to acquire additional ground it believed to be highly productive, which is almost entirely surrounded by Straightup Resources’s RLX property.

This RLX property of Straightup Resources is prime, gold-rich ground that was staked prior to Great Bear announcing its Sobel acquisition from the company that owned both the RLX and Belanger properties.

The key word here is “accessibility.” You see, the “easy” gold deposits around the world in South Africa, America, Canada, China, Peru, Ghana and others have been largely tapped. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still millions of dollars of gold left be to mined.

However, it’s becoming harder and harder to get …

The global, “below-ground” stock of gold reserves is currently estimated to be around 50,000 tons, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. To put that in perspective, around 190,000 tons of gold have been mined in total. And based on these rough figures, there is only 20% still to be mined.

And this 20% is not easy to get at. It takes more thought, experience, data, testing, and expertise to mine it. Straightup Resources believes they are on profitable land. And mining with careful precision is key. Which is what they are experts at doing.

So it’s only a matter of time before the gold comes out of the ground, and their share price skyrockets because of it.

To apply some quick, theoretical math … If the success and rise of Great Bear’s share price was applied to Straightup Resource’s current share price …

.25 cents times 38 is $7.60 a share. So $100 invested now in Straightup Resources would result in a profit of $38,000.

And $1,000 would result in $380,000.

Plain and simple.

While exact gold amounts are not yet known, this scenario is very likely to happen because Straight Up Resources knows it has highly favorable geology for a major gold haul.

The fact that Great Bear has chosen Sobel (which is almost entirely encircled by Straight Up) to explore, even before it has calculated resources on its Dixie Project, shows just how prospective they believe this location to be.

Plus, typically, mineral discoveries mean big jumps for junior mining companies like Straightup Resources. This table shows what investors already know: when junior gold and silver companies confirm discoveries, their stocks take off.

Smart investors often look for junior mining companies like Straightup Resources that are actively confirming impressive exploration results as they work to size up their deposits. Those are the glory holes with the most profit potential.

Plus, in addition to Great Bear Resources, Straightup resources is surrounded by more of Ontario’s Major Gold and Silver Producers …

Including, PURE GOLD MINING INC, (V:PGM) one of the world’s highest-grade gold mines. PureGold is in an elite group of gold producers who own multi-million-ounce deposits located in tier-one mining jurisdictions including the Red lake area.

And EQUINOX GOLD CORP, (T:EQX), a well-financed, multi-asset mining company and one of the only gold producers of scale operating entirely in the Americas.

They have seven operating mines and are advancing four projects that will significantly increase production in the near term.

Equinox Gold has the properties, the people, and the plan to rapidly achieve its vision of producing more than one million ounces of gold annually.

All of course, all these major players are here because Ontario is known as one of the top precious metals production hotspots on the planet.

That’s also why Straightup Resources has 4 separate projects of its own in the same area that are all expected to pay big dividends in gold and other metals. These include:

Red Lake Project:

Ontario’s Red Lake Mining District is one of Canada’s most historic and productive gold mining districts, renowned for high-grade gold deposits.

This is a mining-friendly, politically stable jurisdiction with a deep, skilled labor force, and an infrastructure that was specifically built to meet the needs of the local mining industry.
Red Lake has already produced nearly 30 million ounces of gold, and gold production has been continuous since it was first dis- covered in the late 1920s.

RLX North and RLX South Project:

At nearly 25,000 acres, the RLX North and RLX South Projects represent a large-scale exploration opportunity.
The RLX North and RLX South Projects are well-positioned to the SE of the district’s largest gold deposit (Red Lake Gold Mines).
The project is adjacent to Great Bear Resources’ Sobel Project. Great Bear Resources is also in the process of evaluating the area for significant structural controls and has proposed additional work on their neighboring project in the near term.
Highly accessible, the southern property boundary is only 5 miles from the paved highway into Red Lake and can be accessed by forest service roads, which traverse throughout the properties.

Belanger Project:

Past exploration work (mechanical stripping, diamond drilling) on this nearly 5,000-acre property has identified significant amounts of gold, silver, and copper. Data shows that it is actually exposed on the surface in three trenches along 656 yards of land.
Early exploration work will focus on validating historical sample results and following the occurrences along the strike, seeking to better understand the nature of the mineral content.
It has excellent forest road access from the town of Ear Falls.

Ferdinand Gold Project:

This project consists of 17 continuous mining claims covering approximately 17,000 acres.
It’s located within the eastern extension of the Confederation-Uchi greenstone belt, one of the best metal-endowed belts in the world.
It is 8 miles northwest of the town of Slate Falls. Access is currently by good logging roads with forestry logging operations scheduled for expansion.
This project features folded stratigraphy. This is an important structural feature that is important for gold-bearing hydrothermal fluids and traps. For example, the Hinge Zone at Great Bear Resources Dixie Gold Project is in the same geological environment.

All these Straightup Resources Inc. (CSE: ST – OTC: STUPF) projects have already been initially prospected and mapped before further exploration is done this year. And this initial work has shown precisely where the gold, silver, and copper are under the ground.

And as news of success comes at each stage as expected, their share price will surely move up as well.

Straightup Resources is the next up-and-coming gold opportunity. Where investors can add gold to their portfolio at dirt cheap prices.

This mining mecca in Canada is truly one of the most prolific gold-bearing districts in the world — with 29 million oz gold having been produced from high-grade mines since 1925. And 80% of this gold was produced from in this Red Lake district.

Today some of the most exciting gold and mineral exploration projects are in this same district — With Great Bear Resources aggressively working its Dixie project just to the south of Straight Up Resources’ RLX Property, and PureGold Mining is on track to start production at its Red Lake Mine at the end of this year.

But that’s not all. This precious metal story gets even more intriguing …

Because there’s also massive amounts of COPPER under this same ground …

Of course, everyone gets excited about gold. But, here is an interesting investment scenario …

There’s no doubt that gold is the most popular “safe” asset for investors. That’s why during times of economic and political chaos, it tends to stay strong and perform very well, making it a lead indicator of public fear.

However, copper is the exact opposite. It has a different function and value than gold. As a key industrial metal, that is used globally in a wide range of industrial applications, it performs best when the global economy is all working together to reach new heights.

This means copper is a leading indicator of a strong global economy.

But, hard data on gold and copper also show that Gold and Copper tend to move in the same direction most of the time … up. In fact, copper has largely outperformed gold over the last 50 years. And the supply is dwindling.

MSNBC recently called Copper “the new oil” and said low inventories could push it to $20,000 per ton due to high value and market scarcity.

And Bank of America also reported that, “The world risks ‘running out of copper’ amid widening supply and demand deficits, and prices could hit $20,000 per metric ton by 2025.”

Copper is crucial for industrial use. More than two-thirds of the world’s copper goes directly into building construction and electronics. Which makes it so valuable, a “stolen copper” epidemic has been worsening for almost a decade now.

The bottom line is: The world market desperately needs copper. And Straightup Resources is excited about the copper showings on their claims.

Which will be quickly snapped up by raw copper buyers who are desperate to get it into the market in various forms and products.

And with so many eyes on any reported copper source, once the supply is confirmed, and Straightup Resources reports exactly where it is, and how much is there, their stock price will sour even high. And any hope of still getting in at .25 cents will be lost.

Plus, there’s more to this story that adds to the attractiveness of this investment. Straightup Resources Inc. (CSE: ST – OTC: STUPF) has taken careful steps to ensure share price success …

There’s no doubt they are a well-run, well-financed operation. They have assembled a strong management team that is dedicated to maximizing shareholder wealth.

As CEO, President, and Director of Straightup Resources Inc, Mark Brezer provides his services full-time. Mr. Brezer is a successful businessman and holds a Geography/Geology degree from the University of Arizona.

He has rare experience in Remote Sensing, GIS, Glaciation, and Climate Change. Plus, he has worked as a Project Manager overseeing Quality Control, Environmental Monitoring, and Safety Programs related to road construction.

Mr. Brezer’s family has been passionate about mining and construction for decades. And he has been actively involved in the research and investment of Junior Mining Companies for over 25 years.

Plus, Straightup Resources also recently announced the appointment of Daniel Cruz as CFO.

He is a financial industry professional with 12 years of experience as a senior investment advisor at Canadian Broker-Dealers, where he worked in equity research, asset management, investor relations, corporate finance, and venture capital.

Mr. Cruz was also one of the youngest Senior Investment Advisors at Canaccord Financial Inc. in 2006. He is also the co-founder of Liquid Media Group Inc., a Nasdaq listed issuer. During his tenure as CFO he helped the company list on Nasdaq and raised over $20 million dollars.

Straightup Resources is also surrounded by other, experienced, C-level experts in finance, accounting, mining, minerals, geology, and logistics.
And a recent media report said this …

Market Equities Research Market Bulletin in its October 2020 issue, The Hottest Gold Exploration Area in Canada is Growing Even Hotter, reported …

“RLX & Belanger Properties — Great Bear Resources has identified target zones on its new Sobel Property that is directly adjacent to Straightup Resources’ RLX. After discovering a world-class 11+ km long high-grade gold system on its Dixie property, Great Bear Resources geologists took their improved understanding of the area geology and decided to acquire a select few new claims that they believe to be most prospective for major discovery. Straightup Resources acquired its claims prior to Great Bear announcing it had selected this ground and is highly prospective for major gold discovery of significance.”

Fractional ownership is the new (old) profit model …

Today a multitude of options compete for investor dollars … including gold, silver, and other precious metals, commodities, options, stocks, real estate, and recently red-hot cryptocurrency and NFTs.

With cryptocurrency especially popular today, every daily news feed around the world reports on the minute-by-minute ups and downs of popular cryptocurrency. They are known for huge, fast gains, and big, fast, steep drops – often with little explanation as to why.

The idea and popularity of crypto and fractional ownership is new in the sense that anyone with a smartphone and $5 or less can buy crypto and watch it go up and down 24/7. But fractional ownership of an asset is not a new idea …

And is exactly what Straightup Resources offers in low-priced shares now.

You see, you can’t buy gold for .25 cents an ounce, and while you may be able to buy a cheap crypto for .25 cents, the current Straightup Resources share price offers you astounding upside potential – even better than a cheap, little-known, and traded crypto.

So while gold itself, as a solid investment, is always recommended to be a part of your portfolio, it is a slower-appreciating, long-term, buy-and-hold addition. But, adding a gold company stock, especially this one that is so low, with so much potential very soon … It can act more like today’s fast-paced, near-instant results crypto – But better.

And any worthwhile money manager would recommend adding gold and/or other precious metals as part of a well-diversified portfolio, from 5% -25% of your overall portfolio.

It’s a smart move that can help you reach your retirement and wealth goals.

What to do now…

If adding gold to your portfolio for .25 cents instead of almost $2,000, appeals to you, start doing your due diligence now. The further the Straightup Resources projects move along towards their actual mining phase gets, the higher the share price will go.

These projects are situated in a well-known gold/copper district. Once seasoned resource investors see its proximity to the already-producing Great Bear project, it could cause a straight up run on shares, putting today’s dirt-cheap entry price in the never-to-return past.

Do let this pass you by …

Go now to the company website:

While on the site, be sure to register your email address for future company news and updates. Also, put Straightup Resources on your watch list. Even better, take action and grab some while it’s still an undervalued penny stock at just .25 cents.

This is a rare situation that can change at any moment! Here’s a quick recap of what makes Straightup Resources a sleeper gold-profit opportunity, and why you should consider your next move ASAP.

6 key reasons to add Straightup Resources to your portfolio now:

Straightup Resources current share price currently sits at just .25 cents. Their projects have the potential to produce tens of millions of dollars in gold, silver and copper, just as nearby Great Bear and others have done.
Straightup Resources has 100% working interest over nearly 50,000 acres of mining claims in the prolific Ontario Red Lake district. A proven gold-rich area that has produced gold for over 100 years.
The Red Lake district is well known for some of the world’s most gold-laden land.
Straightup Resource’s landholding is completely surrounded by Great Bear, a similar company doing similar
mining-related work, and whose stock price has soared 38 times its former value.
Current Data and historic mining all point to great gold and metal extraction. And recent aerial and surface exploration has identified distinct drill sites targeting the most productive areas throughout its properties.
Straightup Resources is lead and run by mining and business experts who are on track to see astounding success in the very near future.

Now, does anyone know exactly how much gold and other metal resources Straightup Resources Inc. (CSE: ST – OTC: STUPF) is sitting on? Not just yet. But it’s safe to say, the fact that they’re working among every big player in the area, who are showing very promising success, it’s bound to be a lot.

Right now they are focused on figuring out with radar and drilling exactly how much gold is there – and in precisely which spots, and at exactly what depth.

And again, this Red Lake area is a known gold hot spot. It is the gold equivalent of a famed fishing hole, where everyone knows there is always fish to be had.

Now is the time to decide before this opportunity gets past you. At .25 cents a share, with proven, enormous potential, this is an easy one. And it could be a huge, lifelong difference maker in your portfolio.

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